Questions from a future Airtel user

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I Agree that none of the ISP's have good CC so let's not get into that...When my connection had gone down for a few days, i had to call them a gazillion times and speak to the floor manager before someone turned up to fix the problem... they would give me standard replies like "i am very sorry sir that no one has contacted you; your name is entered in our priority list sir, blah blah, someone will contact you very soon sir" and that would be the end of it and no one would contact me thereafter. When i was to get a new connection they kept talking about their old plans when the new ones where in place. I paid Rs. 666 for installation and security deposit, I was told by their rep that I would get back Rs. 333 when I disconnect their connection......have called their cc to inquire about that, they tell me that they no such refund is offered, others tell me they do refund, and still others that they refund , but only if i keep their connection for 6 months...therefore i have no clue whether or not they do refund.When they were to install my connection, they put in the place everything after 4 days and told me that their engineer would turn up very soon and activate my connection ...waited for another two days no one turned up....finally after some yelling someone did turn up.....the time was 11.30 pm at night can you believe that! He fiddled around with my comp for an hour and left at 12.30 am (i was not at home at the time....he did'nt bother calling up before coming parents were surprised to see an Airtel rep turn up that late - bizarre!). He could not activate my connection that night, and had to come back the following day to reactivate it. On my 256 K connection i used to experience extremely slow downloading speeds, called up their CC and told them that their Airtel bandwidth meter reading shows me connected at 119K , the CC rep wasn’t surprised and said that it was normal, it all depended on the website etc etc. I then asked him when exactly could one complain against slow speeds? if it fell to 50 K was his reply. 50k for a 256 k connection?- give me a break! Fortunately the speed has improved since.Moral of the story – CC is something which Airtel is yet to learn. Sorry for the Whining folks!


Hi All,
I stay in Vasundhara Enclave. I am interested in getting airtel broadband connection but their customer care syas- they are still not providing connection in this area. But below mentioned message says, he has this connection.
my question is : -
1) Is there any member of group who stays in Vasundhara enclave and has airtel broadband connection?
2) If yes, can you provide the contact number of concerned airtel person who can help me getting this connection?


Originally posted by SolidSnake@Nov 30 2005, 11:27 PM
Hi, I live in Vasundhara Enclave near Noida Sec 7.

1. All I can say is while downloading using Flashget, I get 30-40 KBps.
2. No idea, I don't upload anything as such.
3. I think they are the same normal telephone wires (twisted pair?)
4. Go for Ethernet.
5. No idea


Airtel sucks,Airtel office for UP west is in Ansal Plaza Near ur place