Railwire introduces 100mbps Unlimited at 999*

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Biharsharif ,Nalanda
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So, I had stopped using railwire in April due to serious ping and network drop issues. I was on 75mps 1000GB FUP on fiber. Now i was just browsing there website and got to see that they are offering 100mbps UL in 999 INR for Bihar Circle. Has anyone got any first-hand experience? How is network stability and speed for Bihar/ Kolkata NOC.

image link : Screenshot-from-2021-06-04-02-04-38
I think this was there for a long time. When I was using Railwire in Oct-Nov, this plan was there. But I opted for the rs.799 plan- 100Mbps speed with 1.5TB data.
Based on my experience and long frequent conversations with MSP. I won't suggest Bihar/Jharkhand people to go for Railwire. Railwire East MSP (TouchStone) is incompetent and the Kolkata NOC from where the connection comes is too much arrogant and profit-oriented.
For 50mbps 1000 gb I was paying around 780 rs INR . And as far as I know this package was not visible there and 100mbps was costing 1300 something or even more.

This they had given me in Sept 2020

Don't go for Railwire if you have any other alternatives especially on the Kolkata NOC. Packet loss is worse than mobile for me. So if you need to do anything like online gaming or Zoom calls that require a continuous reliable connection it doesn't work well. It's okay if you just wanna browse the web and watch youtube/Netflix/Amazon prime