RCS on Reliance Jio SIM

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Does anyone have RCS working on Jio sim by default ie without any cheat procedures? Pls mention phone make/model. I have an Asus Max Pro M1 & RCS does not work with Jio sim whereas with Vodafone sim it works!!!😒
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@socrates it was working before but now it's saying Carrier unsupported. So I had to enable it manually
basically... an upgrade of sms that sort of works like messengers but is powered by mobile networks. no company technically owns it but someone has to run the servers and for now, in india, we have to use google's servers for android support. based on the comments above jio had their own implementation but it's not working fine?
RCS is the new messaging protocol on Android devices. It's an alternative for SMS and more closely matches the features available in Apple's iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. With RCS, you'll be able to send richer, more engaging text messages than you could on SMS
Interesting, I wasn't aware of this. So how should one enable and use it? Does it work over the usual messaging app or is there a different app that we need to install which makes use of the RCS protocol?