reliance broadband got disconected daily12 hrs.

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I have reliance 4 mbps speed UL No fup. when there is power failure in my area the landline and broadband got disconnected immediately. the cc guy told there is no ups battery backup for south india. what is this. even airtel, bsnl provide backup why reliance cannot provide. 12 hrs power failure in coimbatore
Yup, you have to live with it. There is no fix to this issue. I am from central india and they are taking my complains since 2 months regularly. I even got 450rs less in bill due to so many complain numbers about it. Still they didn't fix it for me.But hey 4mbps speed, so can't complain much like i am gonna kick Reliance. Only selling point of Reliance BB is cheap plans otherwise nobody will take it 😀I even suggest that 1 should take extra connection of Reliance 549rs 1 mbps unlimited if have airtel or bsnl already just for speed ^^
I am with Airtel. It does not have this problem.A few months back, mhsabir from Chennai mentioned that his (Reliance) internet will be down when,1. Load Shedding happens in his area2. Load Shedding happens at the Reliance back end or somewhereI was like you must be kidding me. I'm not sure if this is still happening.
Oh my god..12 Hrs. is very long duration. If you are an IT guy, how are you suffering this problem.Just change your network operator.
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