Reliance broadband info required from existing customers

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reliance wimax bsnl
:wall:Hi All,Let me explain my case. I am from bangalore. i used airtel broadband - unlimited for 1 year with out any problem. later i moved to another part in bangalore where there is no airtel broadband so i applied bsnl data one after 2 months i got connection - unlimited plan. down load is ok ( 32 KB - 256 kbps) but upload is is 4-5K) which is unacceptable. so i heard that in my area - sanjanagar reliance broadband isthere i want to swith to it.could you please update your feedback on reliance broadband connection !and what is upload speed offering for unlimited plans ? thanks for your time-big2all
Ok guys ! no replies ... any way i got Reliance wimax today ... i am inbangalore. 300 Kbps unlimited plan .... i saw many bad comments bout this wimax service. just for test i applied for it. After 10days i got connections. They checkd signal strength and fixed receiver....

for me it is working excellent - 230 kbps upload , 280 kbps down load ..
i am ok with it. But only one thing you need to login to reliance website - then only you can browse. But this is one time.

One more good news - they kept opend all ports - means you can run your own webservers and ftp servers.

so plz update your experience here..
I disconnected the Wimax because of the bad connectivity and speed issue. i was unable to use that service a single hour. but, I got the bill of 1200/. Now, I am getting the call from reliance regarding my payment.
I have applied for their connection (not WIMAX) a long time back. Lets see when they provide the connection.
I have had a very bad experience with Reliance Broadband. Within less than 24hours of starting their service there was a problem , no internet, no phone, nothing they installed worked. i phoned helpdesk several times, got several complaint numbers with promises for immediate fixing but nothing happened. The problem is that they do not have their services properly in place> they seem to have mastered the art of marketing. More staff are trying to sell you the reliance broadband than there are to fix problems that inevitably occur with its installation! Honesty in their dealings is also something they lack in. They set my computer to give me 75 kbps speed when i had applied under the 300 kbps scheme which naturally cost a lot more than the 75 kbps. At the time of installation itself, i realized this problem fortunately and when i insisted i didnt want that and that they should give me what i asked for, i was directed to helpdesk and asked to complain or better still ask to be UPGRADED to the higher bandwidth. I couldnt manage to explain to anybody in that helpline, that i was not asking for any changes, i only wanted what i had opted in my initial order form, but unfortunately , they wont admit their mistake, in order to have them give me the bandwidth i had initilly opted for, i had to pretend that it was my fault that they had given me a lower bandwidth in the first place! Finally in frustration and havng no repairs done in over 48 hours , i decided to terminate the service. they then told me that that will take 2 weeks ! In short , avoid reliance like the plague . Tata indicom is far better.

Exactly, reliance BB sucks.My neighbour had it and in the first 30 days, he got the internet connection for 3 or 4 days only, that too with pathetic speed. The CC guys have a default answer that the service person will be coming within 8 hours, but till date no one has turned up. He has asked for a disconnection and still they are not coming and taking back the instrument. The same answer that the service person will be coming within 8 hours. I told him that he can also expect a big bill soon. :hysterical:
Am on reliance too, got the modem and phone for free (thats another story !!) The link doesnt show up frequently, although the phone service is top-notch !! The only feature i like about reliance is the online speed select. Now i guess Airtel has also introduced the same, but its a pity, they havent yet started services in TVM.

All negative comments in above url are correct (I've too faced these things), customer care service is also very bad.
But the main problem is not in using Reliance Services, The main pain is to get rid of reliance i.e in case of termination or conversion from postpaid to prepaid, they make your life Hell. You can get any reliance device in 2-3 hours (their executives can prepare rent agreement too for you in case if you don't have) and the services will start from same day when you request. Nobody will come to address verification. Easy and happy life...

But if you need termination/conversion you need to search the web-world (a place bitter than government office) go there fill complete form yourself, submit with id proof, then after 15 days (may be) they think on your request, and you have to pay the bill up to last second when they will finally convert.

But it is not the end, In web-world nobody entertain you after 7 pm even store is open, I had to go back (the timing is up to 8 pm, and on Sunday be careful)

Do not trust on any false commitment by customer care executives as "Pay the settlement amount, we'll send our executive at your place" be careful no body will come once you pay the FnF amount, next billing cycle will again started now, again go to webword for documentation.

"We have to follow the process" only line said by reliance executives.

Government offices are better than reliance, there may be anybody listen to you.

Reliance have to learn somethings from Airtel. Use once any service and you love the airtel.
Airtel executives are with you any time anywhere with all documentation process. I am using airtel postpaid/broadband since 4 years, and used many thing termination, shifting etc. I've never been to Airtel office.

Go for any company but not Reliance. (even MTNL/BSNL is better)
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