Reliance Jio has asked for four crore mobile numbers for nationwide rollout

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Surprised no one posted this.
RJI has submitted an application to the telecommunication ministry stating that the company immediately needs 40 lakh phone numbers for each metro city, 20 lakh for A and B telecom circles and 10 lakh for category C circles, which comprises small towns and rural areas of the country.
DoT secretary M. F. Farooqui told Mail Today on Friday that the department has received a letter from RJI for the new series of phone numbers as they plan to launch their telecom services. "I don't recall the quantum of phone numbers they have asked for but we have received their application in this regard," said Farooqui."RJI has asked for the same series of numbers for its nationwide operations like the ones given to BSNL. We have to work it out if it is feasible or not. As the quantum of numbers to be released is very high, it could take about 2- 3 weeks for us to clear it. Our team will soon start working on it," said another DoT official.
And someone PMed me these rumored tariffs.
These plans appear more realistic than the Rs 10/GB rumour from last year. Still these are better than most of the existing 3G and 4G plans.
Acc to those tariff they want Rs.501 minimum commitment for 30days.