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Not only are they trying to screw up a person's head by offering 100kbps, 300kbps, 600kbps (making us believe we will get more than our money's worth).. But also they havnt got decent coverage here in chennai...
Originally posted by max@Nov 29 2005, 05:47 PM
TATA is costlier...

how come?? Explain

TATA 256kbps per hour rate 18 RS
Reliance 256kbps @ 30 rs. per hour

TATA 512 kbps @ 23 Rs. per hour
Reliance 600 Kbps @ 40 Rs. per hour


TATA 256Kbps @ 1600
Reliance 256Kbps @ 2000

Now u tell me which is costlier?
Originally posted by max@Nov 30 2005, 10:08 PM
The amount of headache TATA gives turns out costlier!

Intat sense its not case with me, i have almost Zero 😀 down time

look at the datalimits for a 300 Kbps connection...... Even sarkari connections are better than Reliance......