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Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
Currently I am using the default Huawei router given by Airtel Fiber, but while being in the same room as the router, the ping fluctuations are not ignoreable, whereas with LAN CABLE, ping is perfectly fine, so which router should I go with?

Currently having TP-Link AC1200 A6 in mind.

Thank you.
What's your budget?
@nishantt6969 I don't think you need a new router.
Raise a complaint by calling 121. If you don't have an airtel number, tweet them on Twitter and ask them for a callback. They would do it in the next 15 mins. Explain to them the issue. They would resolve it remotely assigning the issue to a technician. If that is not resolved. You give feedback as "not satisfied" when you receive the SMS for the same. They would raise the complaint again and escalate it. This would resolve your issue 100%.

If you are not satisfied and still facing the issue, suggest them (Airtel people, not LCO) to change the router, they would do it. - You do not need to include your LCO for any of this conversation. LCO will get the instruction through the Airtel people and do what they have been asked to do. I would suggest- no need to get involved personally with LCO as it just raises further issues, better to have it professional and raise the complaints the way they should be raised. This same has been suggested to me by The Airtel Escalation team. They said- you should never call the local people, You tweet or DM us, will get back to you in mins. And yes, they do in mins each and every time I tweet/DM.

@imdarkray Thank you so much, I will definately do that but I am having same such issues with JIO fiber also. Is it a problem in my system? or the routers of airtel and jio?
@nishantt6969 I think. I already told you in another thread, the possibility of your system being the reason is quite high. The same happens to me on my laptop because the CPU and memory usage spiking irregularly. Better to check on another laptop. I did the same and there is no issue on another laptop. If you still face the issue on another system, then raise a complaint.
Or, you can check this on your Android phone too. You will have to be near the router, Connect to 5Ghz wifi on phone. Install Termux from the Playstore or any terminal emulator. open the installed app and run the ping command like "ping". See the sequence if the sequence is skipping that means you have packet loss and also you can see there only if the ping latency is fluctuating. This way you will understand if the issue is just with your system or all the devices. If the ping is fluctuating there too, it's obviously your router.