Rs. 500 per month broadband in India is not such a hot deal

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This article talks about China, and it seems we are better off at least in this area.

The average price of 100Kbps of broadband in China runs a mere US$10.85 per month, but that's a hefty 7.6 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

Cost of 100 kbps Unlimited in India = INR 399 (~ $6)MTNL Commercial Information

India's GDP Per Capita (nominal) = $820

% is 00.73
Oh I didnt notice China's was listed as 100 kbps.India's cost was mentioned as $ 14.70 so Im assuming its one of the 256 kbps plans...Im roughly guessing our situation is as bad as China's then? 🙂Dont you have to divide the $820 per-capita income by 12 (and MTNL is Rs 399 per month)? So 00.73 % becomes roughly same as China's 7.6%
$820 per month would have rocked 😉

but the question is when r they coming, 3G and WiMAX??? :huh:

let's ask... with reasonable usage limits to that. wont be much fun if they come with stupid limits 😉
Yeah its highly likely they will have caps with wireless too. And I bet it will be more expensive than wired, not less, coz they (the greedy ISP/Telco bosses) will treat 3G and WiMAX as "corporate" or "premium" high-tech services! 😡

premium services... 😀 that's right...i remember seeing the Sify brochures...get connected through wireless broadband...i thought. finally i would get rid of the cable mess local ISPs have. 🙂)
Naaa i am Happy with My Nosed DSl connection! Will see about getting wiiFii in 2008 :hehe may be when Mtnl releases it !After all Mtnl hai to Sahi Hai
Its been 2 yrs since BSNL started DataOne plans and prices have not dropped.Its high time they multiply all speeds by 4 and at least double the download data limits...So the 256kbps plan becomes 1mbps (unlimited too) and likewise for the other plans... 🙂
Well Vishal I guess ur expecting waaaaay.... tooo much from BSNL/MTNL or any other ISP in India. What u said might be implemented maybe when ur grandson uses his next generation laptop/ thumbtops... but I don't think they'll accept such low connections.. The thumbtop will get screwed up.. coz @ tht time they'd be designed to work with minimum of 20Gbps speeds... coz Japanese are already surfing on 1Gbps residential connections while we are blazing past them and making them get fascinated by our state-of-the-art upto 256kbps Unlimited plans... :madness: