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Few questions.
Which sites to check out? Yebhi seems cool and I found a pair that I like...
I have not bought a pair of footwear in a while now. So, not sure about sizes from different companies. I wear a UK 10 size Nike shoe. Would the same size be applicable on a pair of Adidas sandal? Any idea about Fila?
Yebhi seems to have launched a try and buy service. I suppose I can use this service? Or should I check the local market first? :russianroulette:
ज्यादा मुश्किल सवाल पूछ लिया क्या? :tongue:
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Try and buy is available only at a very limited locations. Just causally tried putting pin code of Worli, Mumbai where my office is located and it said it's not available.
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You can return to Yebhi if you don't like itAlso sandal choosing is best done in b&m as there can be many irritantsIn one that I bought there was an opening on the sides that was compressing my little toe as it would slip out of that gap...
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i recently bought from jabong. they were Bata branded. these sites generally mention European sizes too which rarely varies between various brands. yours would be about 41-42.

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Don't buy footwear online, every company has different measurement standards.
Go to a showroom get a pair of floaters and maybe some steak 😉
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I want to the market today. Not Adidas or Reebok. Some general stores. Options are limited. They did not have my size for the models I liked. It is pretty frustrating really.
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