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2 mbps @ 849NU(MTNL)
i am currently on pacenet 72 kbps unlimited download in mumbai.i want to change.the options i have are sify and mtnl.i download a lot through bittorrent.should i go for mtnl and which plan.also,i already have a mtnl phone long will it take for them to install it.should i buy my own modem or use the one providede by mtnl .please help.thank youalso, i browse a will the 1gb limit on the 590nu plan affect me.
mtnl in my opinion is most stable ISP. but there is no truely unlimited plan.but u can go for night unlimited plan 256kbps where u should atleast getabt 220kbps (220kbps for 8 hrs) is same as (72kbps for 24hrs). So overallif u schedule downloads at night. it will be virually unlimited net plusadditional 1GB free daytime!if u get ur own modem... u will save 500rs one time and 80rs every monthbut will have to spend 1700rs upfront for modem and faulty modem would beur responsibility. also IPTV might not work (incase u need it), so inquire MTNL.if u have ur modem.. u will get connection may be within 3-5days.i went for mtnl modem and had to wait abt 1 and half idea abt sify but i recommend mtnl strongly.
uptime?!! i have never seen downtime!1gb limit should be enough if u schedule ur bittorrent downloadsat night.but now surfing at 220kbps is much more fun than @72k.and then it might spoil all fun at 1st of month LOL.well in short it depends how much can u control urself.
ome more thing, why do we have to restart the modem before and after the night unlimited download.also what do u advice, should i purchase myown modem or go for the one provided by mtnl.
actually its not necessary.. but u SHOULD do it.. to be safe from MTNL billing mess!otherwise u risk ur usage being counted instead of considered free.but yes healthwise its good..running from this table to that table would givegood exercise 😉i can not advise on modem. see what if analysis as above and make ur owndecision.

Go for the modem provided by MTNL. That ways they can not blame your modem if there is some issue. And since it is on rent, it will be replaced free of cost if it goes bad anytime in future.
if you wanna save bandwidth.... block all the scripts and images and flash and java!! .. trust me you'd save a lot of mbs that way!! ..this month i got 760mb to download offf. .lol... that is equal to one' nights download.. but wtheck!! hehe.and yeah with mtnl introducing iptv.. get the modem on rent from mtnl itself 😀.. ... it'll save you lot of hassles.. trust me 😀