Sify Broadband client reverse engineered

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Hi everone,
Here's a site I found that has the Sify log in client for linux reverse engineered

Good stuff as you get to understand what actually goes on behind the scenes, not just on linux since the concepts explained there must apply for windows too . And considering that the linux client is unstable, a good place to start writing a stable one.
Excellent link mate!
🙂 Now let's just hope an alternative client comes out of it.
That website is truly groundbreaking. If you examine it properly you get to learn how to connect to Sify manually, disguising your self as the Sify Client (lol). It is a true piece of hacking. Applauses for the Team that Reverse Engineered it.
The workings must be 90 % same for Windows 🙂. Just the programming language on Windows must be VB (not sure, one of the client programmers would know 😛 ) and on Linux it is C. Also on Windows I observed the Client fetches information from the Registry which doesn't exist in Linux.

But at the heart the 2 clients are the same ... that is they communicate with the SAM server identically ... obviously.
Right 😉. They work pretty much the same. That @n@1ysis along with the contents of the debug.log file in the Sify Broadband folder under Windows are all that are needed for understanding the Windows client in my opinion.