Sify Broadband Customer Care Mail IDs

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I do not think I am doing any wrong since all these mail ids are of Sify Broadband's customer care people!
I m pretty happy with services of SpectraNet (Touch wood), so i dont care of sify people & i suggest to all concerns...that they shud have the connection of SpectraNet 🙂
tell them to start their services in chandigarh and i will be their first customer. :lol:
Originally posted by Sushubh@Sep 9 2004, 03:44 PM
Sify Broadband's services in Bangalore has been pretty disappointing as per my information...

:angry: Is Sify Broad band bad in Bangfalore - It Is TERRIBLE. I am in Malleswaram and trust me dont take it. I am now stuck with a 6 month package and the CTO is horrible. The switches permanently hang and their technology s*cks. Since the last 24 hours I did not have a connection and highly erratic one. Most of my surfing is at night and the blessed connection fails (I cannot ping my gateway and so it is obvious that the switch is hanging) I asked them to at least place the goddamn switch at my house and they are not doing so . In net effect - a hopeless "24X7 " connectivity.
This has been happening on and on since I took the package and today the CTO person says that It is not so. Am I the liar here ?
If sify wants to clean up its act it is better that they put the wireless adapters directlyto our computers avoiding the CTO Pestilence.
Another gripe havent you all got tired of hearing their music on their customercare number. Nobody lifts. They claim to have 24 hrs service but their Bangalore number is just a recording servie after 6 PM !!! When you complain on Chat the fellow thier asks us to contact customercare by phone - what sort of customer service is this ????
Prasanna Simha

prasannasimha: I suggest you write a mail to customer care regarding the issues u have. the mail ids of individuals certainly work better than the general customercare mail ids they have... 🙂 has insufficient quota. has insufficient quota.> is overquota on this domain

I guess these guys have their work cut out! Mailboxes are jammed!
duh, when i tried only kashiana had over quota. so this proves, the customer care people dont even check their mails? or sify do not have enough server space to handle the mails they get from their customers? s*cks! 🙁 but mate you looks like a bharti customer to me... :blink:
Yeah man, when Sify is down I make do with Airtel GPRS connected through my bluetooth dongle. Gives decent speeds of 32 kbps + :mellow:
airtel offering gprs only on postpaid here. or on a handset that i have to purchase from them...
another one of sify customer care
This was not in the list
I will put all those email id's on porn sites and spam lists 😛 so spiders index them and they get tons of spam :lol: