Sify does it yet again....

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My BBClient just got updated to version 3, I really don't know why I even opened the damn client :S. And guess what now EasySify 2 ceases to work.Thank you Sify for making our lives miserable yet again.
Un-install that crap
And then how do I possibly check My Account Statistics? The XML parser of ES2 needs some tweaking to get it to work... I'm too lazy to even look at the code 😛
whats new in that crap ver 3? where would i get it to download.... yeah i am little too greedy to get it to mess my computer 😛😛 and have those guys though of poor linux version of the bb client? bcz that number is stagnant at 1.3 version 😛😛

Originally posted by Tushar@Nov 24 2005, 12:37 AM
That link will not work when you are logged off.

The link works when u r logged off.....just replace xxx part with ur user name
Are there alternative clients to Sify? Are they open source? I would like to make a Linux client for Sify. Anybody willing to help? I just want the official Sify client(i am not a sify customer, Thank God!) and some packet captures. Or if there is a developer among us then can he give me the specs of the protocol used by Sify to login/logout?