Sify's nighttime bull****

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Well I used to use 128 kbps night time unlimited.Unfortuantely that no longer exists, so switched to 256 kbps night unlimited.And it is slower.It gives about a third of the promised speed.What are your experiences with this pack?Shud I go and fight with Sify, or shud I roll over and die?
No use of fighting with people who are already dead.
Any of Sify's 256 kbps pack is bullshitcurrently I am on Sify's 256 kbps 1 GB pack.....i am planning to write to TRAI that Sify is mis using the word Broadband for this pack
I get full using Rs.795 pack 256kbps shared pack for 2days.Though i only get full speeds using multiple connections like in a download manager.else speeds fluctuate a lot and browsing is slow too.but im happy with it as i can get 32kBps(all the time) on newsgroups and http downloads and limewire.
i went back to 64kbps plan last week from the 256kbps unlimited one, since either for some reason our local lan is down or i get lot of timeouts. i only got around 13 to 15 days of that nightly unlimited thing, otherwise there used to be no service.although whenever it was up and running i used to get speeds around 230 to 256kbps.
Well the 1GB package I use is fine, but this night time thing sux!!!If it does not improve by next night (tonight is the first night) I will call up and yell at the guys here that I am getting low speeds. And if they do not fix it...woe betide them. When they changed thir plans last month, I was so pissed off I decided to download all night even if I have no need to, just to cause them financial damage. But with these sucky speeds, even that seems a distant dream.

with 256 kbps on sify u will get full speeds only with a download manager and that too if u r having also zero packet lossSpeeds fluctuate a lot on any of Sify's 256 plans w/o download manager
Well, it is running beautiful tonight.I was using a dld manager last night, but to no avail.In fact sometime last night, it sped up (became 50 kBps ul+dl). I think, cos when I logged in it showed account balance 0 the account was still set at old settings (128 kbps) and at 12:00 it changed over to the new pack.
Well when sify runs well its great!! i dont have any downtime issues and i great download speeds. even on the new shared 256 kbps package. i know in the day time i dont always get good speeds but night times are great and i am downloading 700mb to 1 gb everyday. but then i guess one has to be lucky to get a good sify connection.
Sify is just too weird....first night: slow till midnight, fast aftersecond night: fast till midnight, slow afterAlso, this pack runs till 9:00 am in the morning, even tho the plan is 10-8.I am not complaining, but wonder if anyone else gets this too?