Significant drop in Optical signal after line repairs

Airtel Xstream
So my Airtel Xstream fiber finally went down after 8 months due to wire snapping somewhere on the road. The Airtel LCO promptly repaired it within hours but here is a small problem - The optical signal went from -20 to around -25.26 which is very crappy. Ofcourse with my Nokia ONT, it's more than fine and the speed doesn't have any issues.

Should I even bother telling them about the signal quality ? I am pretty sure they would ask me to shut the f up politely if my internet is working fine.
Yeah most likely they will. But it's also possible that they would have made a few extra splices there to further distribute the Fibre network to newer customers. I believe this is the case because a single splice mishap is unlikely to drop your power levels so much. It's most likely that newer customers have joined. Since they are able to deliver a signal above - 27dBm, it's not really considered an issue.
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Yeah I remember how the installer was boasting about the number of customers they are getting everyday so this isn't much surprising.
Considering that we only have 3 ISPs - BSNL, Airtel and Renu Broadband (a local ISP headquartered in Kanpur), it isn't surprising that they are the king here now.
I had the same issue two months back after a fiber cut incident. My signal power went to -26-27dbm. I called the line man and asked him to resolve this. I said I am getting frequent ping fluctuation and sometimes the internet stops abruptly. He came and cleaned the PON at my place and also at the junction. After this, the signal went to -25dbm. I was not satisfied and hence complained again. He didn't show up for a week, also said all other customers sharing the same junction had a -23dbm signal. Then I escalated this on Twitter. After that, they resolved this and now my signal is around -19dbm to -20dbm.