Small query with sharing a dataone connection

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Well, I am from Mumbai and use Tata Indicom Broadband with a ethernet adsl modem to share internet on three computers. So i dont have to keep one pc on whole day to share it on the network. So the connections are made like, ethernet adsl modem -- > a 8 port hub --> Three systems So i can use the internet from any of the pc as long as the modem and the hub are on.Now the query about the Dataone is, we have a office in Solapur which would be getting dataone. So is the same possible? Previously they had some local cable net on share which most of the times didnt share due to a lot of issues and Lord save them from the viruses on the network. So I just wanted to know is there any way with dataone too to share the connection without keeping one PC to act as server and share it over network.Hope you get this small query...Any solutions?
Yes you can do this.You just need to configure your router to auto connect, so that your internets is Always On.Then from your router a cabel goest to your Hub and you can connect many computers through hub. Each of them would be sharing the internet without the need of making any server.Hope this helps
Well thanks for your reply, since this worked on the tata indicom router connection I knew there would be a work around with this. But one thing i am still doubtful is , would that work with all routers.And one more thing, what does autoconnect actually mean ? Does it mean if i dont set it up to auto connect, and have the network as router->hub>pc's. i would need to connect first from any one of the PCs, so that i can surf from all the PCs?I know this is very confusing and silly, but then again better to be on the safer side then making others run for cancelling the connection in a month.Thank you once again. If others have done this too, please provide first hand info
Well First of all auto dial or auto connect means that your router automatically connects to the internets as soon as it is started (connects just after it get stedy link) so you need not dial from your computer. So your Internet is Always On.As far as i think all the routers support Auto Connect. you just need to feed in your ID and password once.