So, I am being a bad boy?

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So, Surjeet think this forum is part of an propag@nda on my part to get famous and blackmail Sify. and i block users who are happy with Sify broadband. well if you think so... i had make some other guy the moderator of this forum in particular. just post ur stuff here...

trust me. its no fun to have the feeling that someday Sify would have this forum filled with spam comments. or simply hacked into dust... 🙂 Fred would be my choice for the moderators post. he is online longer than me. and he seems to be pretty unbiased guy.

and also... as mentioned in the rules and regulations. if u think u made a mistake joining this forum. PM me and i would remove ur User ID... only 1 guy has opted for that option till now coz i deleted his post asking for addresses of bars with cabarets in delhi :blink:

concerned post: 🙂
Hey is Surjeet a Sify mole !!!!
well lets not start finger pointing. its just a small survey to find out what the general audience on this forum feel. 🙂
This forum rocks. Firstly it fills the amazing information gap that Sify imposes on its customers regarding details of its packages.Secondly this an amazing place where we can discuss how Sify works, how its client works and all other cool stuff. And of course for people whose Sify connection makes them tear their hair out, I think they very often get a better solution here than from Customer Care.

Not a single vote against sushubh. I wonder where's the guy who pmed surjett.
Well I am not going to vote in this poll. Otherwise the forum is good except for moderation in my case......I was banned.I have been a moderator on few forums too ....all i do is 1st warn the user, then put him under moderation......I ban him only if he has gone xtreme....And perhaps I was being the 'Victim' of testing 🙂