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I've posted my topic two times and I've yet to see it appear on the forum.....Anyways, last try :How many of you have got a boost and on what connection you are??(Apparently Tata users on other forums have reported a major speed boost, 256-128-Unlimited guys are getting unrestriced 1mbps (around 110kBps) since a lot of time now)
nothing is wrong.. its just that because of lots of spammers. this forum is being moderated.so ur post wont appear b4 being approved.
well yeah. i think i can now remove the moderation as i am not seeing many new spam posts on this tata section. the bsnl datafox post is the new target!
may be there should be message in red saying "this forum is being moderated and ur msg will appearafter approval". so user doesnt try to post message again and again.
it should technically show that kind of a message but then IPB has bigger problems which they need to fix first.
My Tata Indicom connection has got a speed boost upto 8 x for free. I have a prepaid account, I had 4000MB balance and suddenly now it is 8000MB for free!!!I was shocked when I first saw my account and thought that there had been a mistake. I have a prepaid Surf 6000 256kbps plan earlier which has now been automaticall upgraded to 2mbps Surf 12000 plan. I still don't understand why Tata did such a thing? I first thought it was fake then I tested my speed and got the results shown below. BTW I am from Pune.

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