Speed crashes in the afternoons.

New Delhi
Airtel FTTH
The download speed on my 256 Kbps connection crashes to 7-8 kbps in the afternoons. Noticed this the past 2-3 days.They are back to normal at night (around 30 kbps) Am in Delhi. Anybody else having this problem? :angry:
ever considered the local companies who must be running these accounts at day time?
Yup me too... contacted there CC and got replye sir we r looking in to it your prob will be solved in couple of hrs 😀 but I know nothing they will do.
i know Sushubh, but this a DSL connection, and i have been using it for the past 3 months without any problem getting a consistent 30 kbps irrespective of the time, so.....there is definitely some prob
Yeah osinghrathore, i contacted those fools too. Told me to delete the cookies and temp files. I just screamed n hung up. Let's see what happens, coz it's 9:40 pm and the speed is still crap.
No speed drop at my place in mumbai.Constant speed 25-27 kbps whole day-night

Lemme clarify, been happening for the last 2-3days only in the afternoons...and the speeds are back to normal at nights. I am connected to the Nehru Place exchange in S. Delhi, so cud be that it's restricted to my exchange. Thx for replying anyway.
im in mumbai... no speed drops... lets see if others frm delhi have this prob.. if they dont then its either exchange or ur comp