Speed issue on 300 Mbps plan

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Delhi, East

I recently upgraded to 300 Mbps plan. Somehow unable to get proper 300 Mbps speed or even close over LAN - it fluctuates b/w 230 - 255 unless I establish a PPoE connection with GPON and a desktop, that's when I get close to 300 Mbps. Where could be the issue, please your thoughts ?

GPON is RicherLink RL801E
Wireless Router is TP-Link Archer C9

Is same cable to connect GPON n router vs gpon n pc?
Yes, same set of Cat 6 cables from GPON to router and LAN port of router to desktop. Also, tested with spare random cable came with various ISP routers - 300 Mbps via PPoE direct connection but throttles around 230 - 250 when runs thru router.
Sorry for offtopic.
Did you get fiber directly or upgrade from ethernet?