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There are some pakistanis who have started a community 'We Hate India' the main pic is of our National flag burning...looking at that any Indian's blood should BOIL...

We have to stop them. if you cant do much atleast go to this community and click on "Report as Bogus", orkut will remove that community after 1000 such reports,lets teach a lesson to members of that community.


Please pass this 2 all Ur frnds
if this was a country with an internet aware government, we could have gotten google to remove this list pretty fast.

brazil kicked google's ass when the government literally forced the company to list the details on people involved in selling drugs through orkut.

india, they have failed to get google to show the correct map of india. pok is shown as a part of pakistan.

search 'we hate pakistan' in orkut and u get atleast 6 entries. WE have such people on both sides of border. Let them do whatever they do. Or shud we report them as well....after all hatred is bad

india, they have failed to get google to show the correct map of india. pok is shown as a part of pakistan.[/b]

Thats how much of the international media views POK.....u cant change that....banning google would send even bad signals

Atleast I get to see unbiased coverage on the internet which I cannot see on any Indian News channel
the fact remains.either you accept what the world believes. or you defy anything that goes against your own principles. if indian government does not recognise POK as part of pakistan, they SHOULD take action against any company working in India which showcases POK as part of pakistan.as long as i dont get to hear from my government, POK is what it is parts of kashmir occupied by pakistan.from what i see, indian government is a wuss when it comes to dealing with companies defying their policies.
^^^ I agree with you Sushubh, Indian Government should take quick Action against Google for including POK with Pak.India's silence is always viewed as India's acceptance and that's really really bad. Only if we had Ministers who actually care for the country then for their own pockets we would have had a fast acting govt.
But thats what is reality. Any news company can show the whole of Kashmir as part of PAk....but then it wud be PAk biased like PAki Media.Similarly, if it shows whole Kash as part of Ind...then its Indian biased, like Indi Media. So intl media just to be neutral have to do this. U know what long time back CNN had a tie up with DD and they launched a channel named DD-CNNI . On very 1st day it showed kash as part of PAk....and the merger went down with days of its launchThe intl community does not have any special liking for India or Pak....so they give u what is there for realU know how much wrondoings that Govt commits in Kashmir and other separatist movements affected areas are highlighted in India media as compared to Intl Media and as compared to PAk media( in ascending order,almost nil in Indian Media) Why bcoz Indian media has to survive in India, if they start reporting each and every truth unbiased, then either they or the Govt cannot survive. So the Intl media has to report neutral so as satisfy every country

again. its not what the media believes or potray.

microsoft actually ended up with a lot of trouble in late 90s when they shipped encarta CDs with indian map distorted to show POK as part of pakistan. they had to recall all the CDs and had to issue special indian edition CDs.

same ways it should be with google. if they want to run in india. they should respect the indian government's decisions.

consider this case:

China had issues with google wrt taiwan. we wont consider taiwan as part of china, but apparently they do. and they took actions to prove their point.
Exactly, every company operating in India should Respect Indian Laws and its directives...If Indian Govt does not recognize POK as part of Pakistan, Google cannot consider it to be and if they do Govt has to take immediate Action against such companies like China did for Taiwan.But will Indian ministers take interest in such issues?? :angry:
So what if Google.co.in appeases us but other versions of Google dont.....what is the use.....rest of the world sees POK as part of Pak and we will see POK as part of Ind which anyway we already do.....this is just to satisfy our ego.Same for Encarta, the indian edition went for sale in India only, the rest of world read it as part of Pak only.Its high time we act flexibily and let there be fredom of press and media unlike china or pakistan
Disputed territories/borders are exactly that. No intl. law/body recognises them. Taking the extra step to prove the point is useless, we are not China.