Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card


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Applied for this coz no one else likes me.

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Fun fact. Standard Chartered documentation for this card is very clear that it is not issued to existing customers. Lady on customer service said I can get it on my existing account but charges would remain. So went for it. Haven't received any sms or email regarding it. Would update if and when I get the card.

There are no reward points. Of the partners they have, I only shop on Grofers. That alone should save me a few bucks every month. I do hope they expand to more stores in future. For now, it seems like a massive compromise.
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Seems like a decent card. Assuming one uses Myntra, Grofers, Ola etc. you could save like 2k a month
Yeah. Would have to order big individual orders on Grofers to gain maximum through it. Might also start shopping on myntra for a change 😂
If your existing card limit is 5L+ you can opt for SC ultimate by calling CC.
The monthly fee is waived if you purchase more than 5k in previous month - but it may not make sense to do that if one has a better rewarding card.

I am aware that they sent this Digismart card to all who were using their Landmark co-branded card as that partnership is over and hence no replacement of that will be sent once card expires. And if you say you don't want a card with fee, they are converting the Digismart card to free for those landmark card users.

Card description has no information on petrol pump charges which is bothering.
So found this in one of the PDFs.

25 or 2.5% of transaction (whichever is higher) on Railway transactions. 10 or 1% of transaction (whichever is higher) on Petrol transactions. The rate of surcharge may vary depending on acquiring bank.

so fuel transactions at petrol pumps are not free on all credit cards these days? if i end up accidentally using this card at a petrol pump, i would end up paying 35+18% for a tank full (assuming it costs Rs. 3500)?