Static IP Port forwarding issue with Nokia G-2425G-A ONT

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Hi, recently I opted for Airtel Static IP hoping that it'll activate the incoming port from ISP side. But it seems I'm still not able to ping to my static IP from outside. Raised multiple complains but the engineers are not understanding my problem. I think they don't know what port forward means.
Any help how can I fix it myself or ask the right questions to customer support?


Below are some screenshot of my current router configs (Sensitive information are hidden)






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Have you added the same ports in the windows firewall ? and have you assigned static local ip to your pc ?
Yes. I have provided my PC a static IP in DHCP config and port is exposed in Windows firewall settings. I'm able to access that port within LAN (From other computer connected to same WiFi) but from outside it is not reachable.

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That's great, at least you got it working, how ever painful it was, I've put in a request for static ip as well, hope they don't screw it up.

I'm hosting a webserver on my desktop which is connected to Airtel WiFi. One issue though. Static IP is only accessible from external networks (JIO or mobile data) . i.e if you want to access the forwarded port from other computers inside LAN (connected to same WiFi) you have to use local ip http://192.168.x.x:xxxx. If you use http://staticip:xxxx from same WiFi it doesn't work for me.

But if I use my mobile data in phone and access http://staticip:xxxx it works.

For now I'm okay with this caveat. If someone found a solution for it let me know.
Hi bro. I hv heard that opting for static ip in airtel gives speed of 500-600 mbps even if the plan is of 40 mbps. Is it true? Should i try it?