Strange thing while connecting

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tR0ll bUg
MTNL Triband 1333 2mbps night 1mbps day
Hey guys take a look at this, its quite strange.When I am logged in my actual account and I want to login to my GH account, I have to restart the router.But when I am logged in my GH account and want to login back to my actual account, even if I dont restart the router and just hit the apply button, I get logged in and can start using the net. :blink😀oesnt the router have to connect again before I can start using the account? How can I use it when the router doesnt reconnect with the new ID I give?Does it mean that no matter what ID you give, they know from where you have connected, but they dont log the usage just because you have used another ID?? :blink:
Aare dude if u just hit apply button The Router reconnects.Reboot is to save all changes u made to ur router.So if u disconnected frm GH then u put real ip and all then u hit apply, ure Loggin Their server. reboot saves settings
reboot toh i know its for saving.but what i mean is that, doesnt it have to disconnect first and then connect with the other id to be able to use it?