Synching Ur Clock With Mtnl's Clock

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Hathway 50 Mbps+ Vodafone 3G
For "Night Unlimited" plan ppl.....if u want to synch ur watch with MTNL's then u cud probably cross-check it from ur Caller ID. Now tht v all know tht da CLIP service from MTNL is free & can be activated by just intimating da Call Centre on 1500. As soon as u rcv ur 1st call after ur CLIP activation, ur Caller ID automatically gets syched with MTNL's clock. Thts bcoz MTNL sends da time information along with da calling number in the first 2 rings. I thot tht this info mite b useful for some & thus shared da same 🙂
MTNL delhi doesnt send time info with caller ID
clip has been free for quite some time now on MTNL...

I don't know abt Delhi.....but CLIP has been made free in Mumbai for over a year or so.
CLIp has always been free for me in Delhi.....more than 2 years now
From what i remember the month in which incoming call got free in mobiles Mtnl reduced clip charges from 20 to zero!!!!Quite sometime Hmmm!! 🙂