Tata Photon Plus does not connect on WIndows 8

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Tata Photon

I purchased Tata Photon Plus Wireless 2 weeks back for my new laptop having Windows 8. It functioned without any hassles, and the download and upload speed was at par with the best. The problem sufaced for the first time yesterday night when I plugged in my device into the USB and the reponse I got was ''The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly".
I called the customer care thrice and they made me uninstall and reinstall the driver every time I called, but nothing has worked so far. Now I have been told that my complaint has been lodged and they will get back to me but I am unsure of whether they will be able to solve my problem as the customer care people seemed really clueless yesterday.
Can anyone help me to fix this?

Thank you in anticipation!
Try doing a system restore to an earlier date, when it was working.
TATA Photon plans are changed every now and then and the customer is never informed about it. If the charges are increased you would always come to know about it after the bill is received. If the charges are decreased you would never come to know about it and TATA would keep charging the same old amount.

When spoken to customer care they always say there are rules that company has. When the amount is increased the rules are not followed but when the amount is decreased the rules come in to picture.

I wonder what kind of service is this. Also, the customer care is rude to talk as they disconnect as happened with me. I received a call from number 011-66588400. The lady called and said that she is calling to take feedback regarding the TATA photon. While giving feedback when explained her the problem she started explaining rules and insisted on calling 121 customer care.

Do you think it is feasible for a customer call 121 every day to check if the plan has changed.