The misunderstood 80% bandwidth rule.

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Hey guys!
I have been reading this forums from some days. I have also noticed this being mention on other forums and in articles.
The TRAI rule that a ISP must provide 80% of the promised speed is misunderstood.
The 80% promised speed is only to be provided up to the ISP node. This means that the speed between you and the ISP gateway. Speed beyond the gateway in not guaranteed on a contended(shared) broadband connection.
This rule does not mean jack about actual downing speed from anywhere on the Internet. It will depends on your subscribes speed, the contention ratio and the user online and some other factors.
Thank you for reading.
Well. The good news is that some ISPs do tend to accept results for measuring speeds.The bad news is that some ISPs are so bad that speedtest from their own servers do not show 80% speeds.
Well, here's my story, I was getting about 7 mbps on a 8mbps line which I thought was what Airtel gives people with 8mbps lines, but when I referred this to the service guy, he told they had put me on a 6mbps plan(never in my life I have heard ISPs providing that speed), and they increased my maximum download speeds after checking the router values which was around 8000kbps, they increased it later to 10000kbps and I'm getting more than what's promised(guess being fairly close to the exchange counts).
I can't complain about it, Airtel usually gives 2000kbps more than what they promise you to account for losses, and I really like that.
Yup. Airtel is known to deliver 10-20% over promised speeds. But it does not matter much to them as they charge like 30-50 rupees per GB of data these days.Reliance from what I am hearing these days do not give a damn about 80% limit. They use the contention ratio excuse stating that a 4mbps line is shared with as many as 8 users which means you would get between 256kbps to 4mbps on that connection. This is of course totally against the regulations.My own experience with BSNL? I had to fight it out to get my line speed increased above the actual plan speed. At the time of connection installation they had put my line speed at 3999kbps which is of course lower than 4mbps. I ended up getting between 2.8-3.2mbps during low congestion hours. During afternoons on weekdays it was horrendous. I talked about 80% speed regulation and the guys did not give a damn. Their excuse was:WHAT SPECIFIC APP DO I USE THAT REQUIRES EXACTLY 4mbps WHICH WOULD NOT WORK ON A 3.2mbps CONNECTION. Also of course, when I complain about packet loss, the excuse is... INTERNET CHAL TO RAHA HAI NAA? PROBLEM KYA HAI PHER?
on some rare occassions i have felt that airtel network is configured to give preferential treatment to traffic delievered towards
while most of my not to bandwidth hungry applications used to cry about bandwidth results would always be up to the mark