They are really hilarious

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On the 9th of this month I got kinda pissed off so i sent some mail to, first some bangalore @sifycorp dude...and later, after 9 days no-reply from him, to that whole list of people on the main page on this forum, and clearly stated about this blore dude that he does not reply to me

Today i got 2 replies,the customer care and Mr Blore ( i wonder why he suddenly mails me, maybe he got spanked by Cust-care)

What i wrote?
mainly about the 150Mb/day rule, no warning from their side that they changed it into this pathetic new thing...,why it is being called an unlimited pack which it totally isnt....etc ... etc...

The reply of man@Blore:

apparently i have missed your mail which you have sent to me on April 11th. My apologies for the same and regret the inconvenience caused by the same.

What do i do with that guys regret and apologies? i rather like to see AT LEAST a refund for the lost days, or even better: a total installation-fee refund so i can peacefully unsubscribe, so my name goes out the database of that pathetic company!

Customer-Careless ~!

Now, the cust-care also replied
And this guy was even more funnier than the dude @ Blore!

as per our disclaimer we have clearly mentioned that the product your are using is not for commercial use and for residential use only. I would like to suggest to renew your account with data transfer package which will suit your current usage.[/b]

This guy starts about residential usage, comercial usage...
Tells me i should take a Data range package

:lol: 😀

I wonder from which mental institute they got him from!

it is stated on the website
Use of the above packs for cyber cafes or commercial purposes not allowed[/b]

Why should i care about residential or commercial use if i have an unlimited package?
i use it for pleasure in my own house,...... someone please tell me if that is a commercial usage

i dont think so

And than , like we alllll can read, he starts about that i should use a data range pack

What if i, took Sify and paid this installation-fee just for the Unlimited packages? i actually did....

What is wrong with these people!?

Apperently the capping down the speeds did not work (remember when it was like during the day 2kb/s and after 9in the eve 6 or 7kbps?[for 48kbps packs])
Now they try the 150/Mb rule to increase profit

My pants fall down of frustration when i think of Sify
Im telling u guys, the people who are pulling the strings @ Sify, the ones who make the desicions, they must be really frustrated and wonder WHY the hell they started the Unlimited PackagesI wont be amazed if they suddenly one day just cancel these Unlimited Packages/me pukes on Sify
Yeah true .. They will remove all unlimited packages it seems
They will never remove these unlimited packs cuz they make the most profit frm em!!
I am not a lawyer, but I would think you have a good case against Sify.

The crux of it is that unlimited/heavy use does not necessarily constitute commercial use. Otherwise they would be contradicting themselves when they offer "unlimited" packages which do not allow commerical use. Commercial use would imply some kind of usage that supports a commercial activity, or directly leads to profit.

Putting a disclaimer does not free them of legal obligations.

So if you want to take them to consumer court, all the more power to you. If I was you, I would at least write to TRAI as well as the Ministry of Consumer affairs, because you never know it might achieve something.

But the real solution really lies in telling everyone you know that Sify is a crook corporation, and they should never even consider taking packages from them...

These b*****ds only get away with it because of the ptiful consumer awareness we have in the country.... practices like this should put a company out of business, no questions asked..... instead they are ripping unsuspecting consumers off every day..
You know what, if their residential packs are used for browsing, chatting etc. only and occasional downloads (not 24x7 just downloading and downloading) then you don't even observe that they have imposed a limit of 150 MB per day. This much Sify says when it sells its packages that its residential packages are for "Simple chats and browsing."They have changed the rules of the game all of a sudden of course by imposing a price on heavy downloads when earlier they just used to reduce the speeds. That can be argued for and fought for.Sify from the beginning doesn't want you to download just about any number of movies,games etc. on its "Unlimited" pack because they are not generous with their bandwidth for whatever reasons. All their unlimited packs are unlimited in is in time. We can be online 24x7 and not worry about the hourly costs.

Originally posted by uthfull@Apr 22 2005, 11:40 AM
They will never remove these unlimited packs cuz they make the most profit frm em!!

Yea, now that they changed things they do make lots of profit...

Its a sad company , with sad people in it.
Me as a foreigner with a good background(i lived @ Shantipath @ Delhi for years,Delhi people know what this place is), people listen to me and i changed alot of minds .
I even have put a nice sheet on the notice board in my company B) about Sify and their way of doing business
Lots of people took Airtell because of me 🙄

I have too much joy when it comes to giving Sify a bad name!

Im still waiting to see some Sify team somewere outside, promoting their service
I wouldnt mind to stand there and give the potential customers who are talking with the promo-team some real information regarding Sify Service
Being a foreigner here, while knowing the way of life in India can have such a nice impact on people's desicions!

Ill do anything just to screw up Sify, even if its only just a little tiny bit!
And oh...Its non of Sify's business what we do with our packages , right?They even have different unlimited packages with different kinds of speed...they give us options.Now, with the 150kB/s , it is utterly stupid to take a higher speed pack cuz u only finish ur validity even fasterJust imagine, if u bought a 6 months pack a month ago 😀If i would have it, i would bug them so much that they would beg me to accept the refund for the installation so they would get rid of me
Originally posted by vebmetal@Apr 22 2005, 01:41 PM

So if you want to take them to consumer court, all the more power to you.  If I was you, I would at least write to TRAI as well as the Ministry of Consumer affairs, because you never know it might achieve something.

Why dont u make a nice mail, u know whats going on , u know what problem we face.... just compose something nicely and ill send it anywere with my signature below it

i dont have much time for such things and my english is not that great in formal style as well 🙄