Trick to extend Jio FIber Trial Offer

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If you go through the above link, he says that we can disconnect and again apply for new connections every month in the name of our family members so that we can keep using trial offer.

Do you think it still works?
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@RealBinod Can you please tell me why you reacted like this?
Yeah I just reacted on that dumb youtuber not you. He is treating wire broadband connection like a sim card. He thinks people can't afford 400 rs a month and have time to go through these lengthy tactics. Lol 😆
Yeah exactly. They also have geo location data of each connection. And at the time of connection they simply geo fence your connection on the app. They have data house by house on their booking app


lol their sales people actually encourage this, may be they get some incentive per sale. I refused to do this stupidity.

Your security deposit will be stuck and it is not worth the hassle.
Yes, Smh is right. In fact, the Service engineer told me that I can call him for re-booking. He will come with the device and do the booking as well as Installation at the same time.