UPI might have fees on third party apps from next year

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From January 1, 2021, the users may need to pay additional charges while making transactions from Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Phone Pay. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) will impose an additional charge on UPI Payment Service (UPI Payment) run by a third-party app beginning from January 1. NPCI has applied a 30 percent cap on third-party apps starting the new year. Paytm will also need to pay this charge.
Cannot provide any employment to the general category and the masses except suggestions to sell pakodey, but would leave no option to make money from them.
And then they encourage cashless payments 👌👏👏
I wonder if India is going backwards in time just like Tenet

Street food is a profitable business though. In Delhi sell momos 😛

Can be pre-prepared, some people have even started their whole sale momos business they sell to small vendors.
For chai business you need a good location near offices and customers will be already subscribed to some chaiwala. In the above article that guy makes 50k profit and had to hire people to deliver.

Biryani also sells well but requires some capital and not easy to master.

Momos and similar Indian chinese street food can be started with pretty low capital, very high demand so you do not need a shop at a prominent place from the beginner. Not sure but I think you can even prepare and store them in fridge so less chance of loss.
Momos can be frozen for months, if made well. Have done that and eaten after months, no issues.
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