Upload speed on Sify Unltd 48 kbps pack

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MTNL Broadband
I recently went in for the Sify ult upto 48 kbps pack of sifyI gives me a pretty decent 64-96 kbps download but the upload is abysmally low at around 8-16 kbps (1-2 KBPS) and sometimes even zero speeds.Anyone having similar problem????
actually i m having good upload speed tha download speeds
My upload speeds used to suck at 15-25 kbps on my 48 pack and be very, very inconsistent till around 2 months back. Now I seem to get them a bit better at 30-60 kbps and more constant. Then again I don't use my upload much so I don't monitor it as regularly as my download. But really, Sify's upload sucks. Whenever on Yahoo chat I used to went to play songs the others would say it's breaking and not coming clear. While the same would be play clear on my slow as a snail Reliance connection which gives 10 kbps download and around the same upload, at the most 14 kbps at late nights. Seems its upload is better than Sify's 100 kbps download pack. (which is what the 48 kbps effectively is )
I found upload speeds very variable ... sometimes at 2-3 KBps and sometimes around 16-17 KBps. It averages around 6 KBps.
Yeah exactly the uploads are tooo variable.....they go upto 16 KBps then go down to 0 Kbps next sec and then 8 Kbps....

I use torrents alot so in 40 kbps pack i get abt 7-8 KB/s but if i put no limit on upload then my upload reaches 8-9 KB/s ... so i have to limit it at 4 KB/s 😛
I m frm delhi n i use the same pack too... in my case too the Upload speeds r very inconsistent........ sometimes wont upload at all... somtimes 64-96 kbps, but i guess with sify anything is possible.... :angry:
Iam using the 48 kbps ltd. pack now and get constant download speed of 90-95 Kbps while the upload varies between 70 - 90 kbps.But the connectivity has been erratic in the past 2 days cause - 25% packet loss courtesy local cable operator :angry:
when i use torrents my upload speed is always more than the downoad speedU\L: 10-12KBpsD\L: 4-8KBpsso my share ratio is always above 1.5