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those idiots r gonna make more trouble for us. i dont want to talk to customer care, cant they understand that. i hav 2 lan cards and switch my lan card more than 3 times a month, iknow its strange but wtf, cant they just stop frustratin me.
Can't we the macaddress option in supersify to get around this (haven't checked easy sify yet) ? I'll run into trouble otherwise because I have a PC and a laptop and I use both.
This also means the end of being able to use our accounts from anywhere in India.Shall we take this discussion to the Backroom? I think it's better that way.
Yes Roaming facility will not be availableAlso ultravires, there's an easy way to cange mac......whenever u change ur LAN Card...keep the MAC of the original
roaming facility is already dead. they divided the country into zones. that is why the 128 24x7 package avialable for mumbai customers is not available with north india customers.

128 24x7 ???? Damn it I've talked to so many people and all of them deny its existance. I am in mumbai.
well there was some dude on this forum who confirmed he got that package... the package name was AULM.