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Forgive me if I am sounding stupid or if I am in wrong forum.I am a 58 year old newbie. My children live abroad and I talk to them using VOIP services. Uptill now I was using a voip provider called, on MTNL broadband connection installed in my home. I had downloaded their dialer software, purchased credit through a credit card, and was using this with a headphone and mic connected to PC. It was giving good service. Then someone told me that if I bought an ATA, I could make voip calls using my phone, without using PC. I then got a Linksys PAP2 ATA. It is an unlocked device (which means that I should be able to use it with any VOIP service provider). My big problem is that I do not know how to use this device and configure it.I have been provided a ADSL router (modem) by MTNL of chinese (perhaps Huwei or some similar sounding make). It is having one serial and one USB port. I use serial port to connect it to my PC. THE USB port is unused.While trying to use Linksys PAP2, I connected the serial cable from router (modem) to ATA's serial port (instead of PC, which is normally done). I connected a phone and power supply to ATA. Then as per instruction manual I dialled **** on phone, it replied by voice "configuration menu". Then I dialled 110#, and it replied IP number is After That I am at a dead end, not knowing what to do further. Will some kind member explain the entire procedure in simple langauage, with all steps involved. There was no CD or driver provided with ATA.My VOIP provider has given follwing information for using a sip device.SIP port:5060,, Proxyserver:, Outbound proxy server: Leave empty, Account name: my username, password: my password, displayname: username, stun server: stun.voipcheap.comPlease give all information in simple english (without technical jargon) and stepwise, for which I will be obliged.
ok here's what you need to do..
u will need to purchase a 'lan switch' if u need to access the internet on your computer and also use the ata.

incase you dont know what a switch is then let me tell you that is a small device u need to add devices to a network .
in your case these devices would be the computer and the ata.
setting up a switch is not hard at all. u just need to plug in the wire which goes to your computer from the modem into the switch and then connect your computer and ata to the switch with similar lan cables. u would have recieved a small lan cabe with the pap2 , you will have to purchase another one for the computer. i bought a Netgear switch for rs750. and there is no additional configuration or settings required to set up the switch. as soon as you plugin the cables for the computer, ata and modem into the switch you will have a working network. (a switch genrally has 8 ports so you can connect more computers to this network and have them share the same internet connection.)

ur setup should be something like this ...

next open internet explorer and type in "".
then click on line 1 and put in all the settings provided by your voip provider , ie username password proxy etc

then hopefully you will be all set.
sir, this should help you...

if not, then just plug in the USB cable to your PC, and use the ethernet port for your ATA...this will bring all three in a single network...

then follow this for your settings and you're ready to go...enjoy!!!
I am totally frustrated. After trying almost everything still I can not use my pap2. Anybody in Delhi, if helps me over phone, I will be extremly obliged.Anil