Vi Capping Speed in Red 699 Plan ?

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I'm curious why does it say "Confidential Only For Test"
I have similar problem on Airtel 4g Postpaid Corporate Plan. I used to get upto 10 mbps speed at night (i can see the tower from room of my bedroom so i know signal is not a problem)

From lockdown onwards speeds started improving and reached 20 mbps in non peak hours and 7-9 mbps in peak hours.

However since October has started I have noticed that my speeds have never gone above 5-7 mbps ever for some reason.

Can anyone suggest how to confirm if I am getting throttled and what I can do about it.

My handset is Redmi 6 Pro (aka MI A2 Lite)
I think every carrier throttles according to the traffic to maintain QOS for everyone