We Can launch Big TV ourselves

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Okay guys I Have a plan.
Instead of giving and guessing Launch Dates if we all write "I do not care when Big TV launches, let it launch whenever possible, who cares!".
I have a feeling by doing this Big TV will launch in the coming few days of us saying it.
You might call me stupid, idiot or whatever but atleast its better than sitting and waiting for nothing.
So go for it!

I am going to start it off by saying:
I do not care when Big TV launches, let it launch whenever possible, who cares!

Pls all of you follow, if you think this is a stupid idea just ignore it.
ignored as suggested
Yes i am also sick and tired of waiting for BigTv from Jan 2008.I am least bothered about BigTv.I don't care about BigTv anymore.

launch is round the corner if not today. Web site has changed. Dealers list is there. Ofcourse they have not written about the price part. You can send a order by e-mail or phone if you dont have dealer nearby.
creating threads just to increase REP POWER??
haha you think i care about the REP power,
for some ppl thsi forum is their life for me its barely timepass. How would the rep power help me, would it make me smarter, would it make me richer, would it increase my social power, would it make me look better? NO so why the hell would I care.

and seems like it worked,
big tv launched today