We can video call between Set-Top-Box and mobile phone in JioFiber, read below to find out

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Reliance JioFiber
Just because JioCall app is being installed by default and with the promotional materials from Reliance we are being misled as only between Jio Fiber Set-Top-Boxes we can do video calling.

But i have found out that we can video call between any mobile phone and or tablet and with Set-Top-Box, just that you should be able to install JioChat application from its respective App Stores.
JioChat application is available both Apple's and Google's app stores.
We have to install JioVideoCall application from Reliance JioFiber App Store.
Then create an account in JioChat app and JioVideoCall app in the set-top-box and in your mobile phone and or tablet.
Now try making a call to your JioFiber connection's land line number.
So, do we need to download Jio video and Jio chat in both set top box and mobile?
can we do the calling without web cam?