What bank would be best for online transaction only bank?

new delhi
Airtel Xstream
I am thinking of opening a bank account for all my payment purposes. like I'll keep maybe 10k in it and use this account everywhere to make the payments, online-offline. This way if there is any data leak or any hacking incident then I'll have the peace of mind that my main account is safe.

I already have a saving account in ICICI and a salaried account in hdfc.

What bank will you guys recommend?
Kotak 811 edge account
Paytm bank with regular debit card and UPI ID 💆‍♂️.

SBI is good for a Debit card for daily spends. Classic works fine . 125+ GST yearly Card charges is all what you pay
.No MAB. Maybe issues Visa Card still. No recurring payments in Debit from SBI on my card at least which is a downside. I guess only some debit cards allow it ? Someone confirm this. It depends on the experience you want . If you want a premium experience go with something Private.
In SBI server downtime is a lot common, so not the best consumer experience over there. I have not faced any Card payment related issues but Online Statement and stuff gives troubles sometimes
Paytm also issues a Visa Card I guess. That is also good for small payments Their Rupay card is there anyhow

SBI ATM network is also extensive which is very advantageous when you are keeping small money cause all banks provide limited cash withdrawals for small balances and charge extra for Inter ATM withdrawals
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Maybe State Bank of India would be a better choice for you, Zero MAB, Netbanking is superb.
But don't expect the branch network to be good, just get a account and manage everything online from Netbanking.
I have moved my daily banking to idfc. Yes and Indus has FDs. I actually like their mobile app over the rest. Indus is pain but stuck with them for next five years.
I use SBI account just to park my cash and fd's, rest i use HDFC for transactions, thinking to open a CitiBank account.