What Is The Total Cost For 590nu Plan?


I want to take 590NU plan can someone tell me how much 590NU plan costs including modem rental, safe custody charge and all taxes?Is this correct: 590+50(modem rental)+100(safe custody charge)+91.76(12.4 percent tax)=Rs. 832Which modem is used for it? How much it would cost if i buy it from market? Can an internal modem work with it?
no 590+80(modem)+excess use if any+taxsafe custody is when u go out on say long vacation anddo not want to use net for a month or 2.in that case u wont be charged 590+80and u wont be able to use net as well.P.S. modem rent = 80 is for mumbai atleast
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I also want to know what is the speed of this plan. What speed download manager softwares show when we download a file.
hmmm...if u hv'nt noticed there's a section of "pinned" threads.....u'll find all ur answers there my friend 🙂

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