What speed do you get in wifi file transfers?

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Well, i have a DNA a212 wifi modem+router from mtnl, and WAN speed is upto mtnl
but the LAN speed is max 54 Mbps (b = BITS) which is Link speed(right?)
I was transferring movie file of 700 mb from PC to my canvas HD (External SD - Class 4) via ES File explorer wirelessly and i was getting just 150KBps (0.14MBps) (B = Bytes), atrocious!
So, i googled and found some tweaks in Wireless settings
and changed few settings (Below)

after that, transfer speed was increased to 800 KBps (0.78 MBps) (good, right?)
Also, Airdroid became much faster.
But this left me wondering, if i have 54Mbps wireless router which theoretically can transfer 6.75 MBps (MegaBytes) and taking all noise, wireless efficiency, other issues, etc, I should get atleast 1/3rd of the ideal speed(6.75 MBps) i.e around 2.25 MBps. as compare to my improved speed of 0.78 MBps
Not a Networking savvy, so please share some views, is 800KBps speed is quite well with my DNA-A212 ?
There are too many variables involved. I never got more than 1-1.5 mBps on a g network.
In my personal usage, I have observed that Solid explorer gives a bit better speed, I get 1.25 MBps transfer rate while transferring movies on my S3.While ES explorer maxes out at 800 KBpsThe best speed is received while using the app FTP server which makes the phone as an ftp server and I have added my phone as an network place on my windows 8. I get around 5 MBps transfer rate which equates to roughly 40 mbps. My router is D-Link 2750u
I tried making and FTP server between Solid Explorer and my pc via the 2750U router. Could never get it to work though.
kkapoorr said:
I tried making and FTP server between Solid Explorer and my pc via the 2750U router. Could never get it to work though.
Hmmmm, here are a couple of Wireless setups I generally use for file transfer (as I hardly ever use a USB for file transfer purpose, only used for flashing 😎 )
1. Using FTP Server App-
-I have defined the port used by server as 8000 and ticked anonymous user login. And just turning on the server from the app makes the phone available as server at the local IP address e.g. in my case
-In the Windows 8, On My computer page Just clicked the add a network location ->Create a new custom location-> Specify the location of your website (here I entered the IP address of the ftp server which is shown in the FTP server app) and saved.
-The phone will be available as a Network drive easily browsable like the local C: or D: drives
2. Using Solid Explorer (SMB connection) for accessing PC files on phone-
-1st requirement for this setup is U have a password protected account on lappy or PC and share the folders on network which u may wanna access on phone.
-in the solid explorer app, go to Jump->Network->SMB/CIFS
-Hit the + sign, a SMB connection setup will be open. Hit the scan button in the window
-Soon the PC on the same wifi network will be available as an IP address, then hit the select button
-In the next option change the authentication method as -Store encrypted password
-enter pc Username/Password in next 2 fields and press OK
Your lappy/PC will be added as a server, open it and shared drives/folders will be accessible. You can pretty much transfer files to and from each other, even delete files on PC.
3. Using a simple app - Wifi file Sender
- Install the app from playstore
-Install the app for PC from developers site - http://bartwell.ru/soft/wififilesender/WiFiFileSender.exe
- upon installation option will be available in windows right click menu while selecting any file.
-Whenever u wanna send any file, video, movie just right click and send to - Wifi file sender
- open the app on phone and both pc and phone app will automatically detect the IP address and transfer will begin.
Average transfer rate - 3.5 MBps
I get around 1mbps between phone and my android phone, using es file explorer.
I earlier tweaked my Wifi network based on various factors.

using Channel 6, as there are only 3 channels which do not overlap.

Mode: 11n, Cause All my devices can use N

Channel Width: 40MHz, It was max available.

Max Tx Rate: 300Mbps, It was max available.
Try "inSSIDer" from metageek to see whats your network is reading or getting its interference