Which Screen Size Best For Reading?

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For a person who uses a laptop mostly for reading, which screen size would you suggest? Should I go for widescreen or 3:4 resolution?I have a 15" 3:4 laptop, but I get headaches and eye strains if I use full screen. So, I reduce the size of the window and leave the background black so that viewable area is small.I always wonder why people like 15" or 17" laptops. I plan to buy a smaller laptop. Please suggest what screen size should I choose for my new laptop.And for that screen size, what should be the viewing distance between eyes and the screen?Can I go for macbook 13.3"? Or what should I do?
its not the laptop screen size but the resolution. you would have less headaches on a 14" 1024x768 than a 15" 1024x768. reason being that the pixel size is bigger. i suggest you go in for a WXGA or a laptop screen which gives a higher resolution than 1024x768 and you'll be happier 😉