Who got the Fiber connection from VDSL line in Bangalore?

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Curious to know did anyone here got fiber line converted from VDSL who stay in bangalore?
I'm on VDSL line with 40mbps max and awaiting for higher speed, recently they laid blue color fiber cable in building(existing VDSL line from same building) near to my home which people said its for airtel fiber also they move vdsl port box to near the fiber cabled pipe. Its been more then 3 months but never received any call from airtel and calling CC does says its still in progress.
Technician have no clue when fiber comes. Did anyone got fiber from VDSL line if so how long it took and which area you are in?
I got one converted in Marathahalli. It takes time. once they are ready, you should start getting calls from CC. They laid main fiber in the basement and then up the ducts in all the blocks. Initially, they were asking for installation charges for cable, but later on (3 months) they did for free. installation took around one hour.
Airtel has a stock reply of saying Fiber lines will be laid within 3 months in the central part of Bangalore and VDSL lines will be upgraded. This has been their standard response over the year. Many 3 months periods have come and gone