Would Reliance Jio Fiber customers upgrading from Gold to Diamond get Netflix?

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I bought a long term gold plan. Acc. to threads i cannot pay the difference so will i not be able to avail Netflix subscription until my plan expires or i do a full recharge again ?
If anybody knows please tell so that i can cancel my Netflix subscription before midnight and use Jio one else I'll continue. (My subscription ends today)
Old Gold or new plan??

1. Old plans are upgraged to new. You will get diamond plan tommarow.
In my jio app you will get banner to register for netflix.

2. If you are on new Gold plan. Upgrade it to new diamond plan by calling cutomer care.

Cancel Netflix subscrition now. It stops autorenewl and works till present validity lasts.

You can active netflix only provided by jio after present subscrition expires.
So cancel now.
After expiry, renewl tommarow.
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I found out late. Looks like earlier Gold Users won't get Netflix. Is there a way to get refund and pay for new plan ?


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It says users who got connection between 15-30 last month will get trial as voucher and need to be redeemed in 30 days but what if those people are on quarterly, half or yearly plan?
I think what they mean is that the voucher should be redeemed (and not activated) within 30 days. When you redeem it, it might go in queue and will activate once your existing plan expires. This is what I feel. Just confirm it once.
I meant to show you the table 'a' part. It says People who had Gold Plan earlier won't get Netflix.

What's the difference between these two plans that justify the cost :/


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