Wubi works awesomely for me!

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second day using linux through wubi. i am liking it. this just might help me move to linux full time.
this wubu thing looks good for noobs...If you are moving to Linux fulltime do consider PCLinuxOS or Sabayon, they are really good for starters.....then I would suggest you fedora when u are comfy wid linux.
umm wubi is regular ubuntu installation without the hassles of going through manual partitioning the hard disk. it installs regular version which is fully functional and yet uninstallable from windows itself.
ya i understood that..what I meant was noobs who cant understand partitioning and stuff like swap partition , root partition etc..for them its good that they can learn without screwing up their partitions and then blaming Linux for the mess!!
Neat thing. Does it work if the file is in NTFS partition? I was introduced to Linux in similar manner, around 94 Slackware used to come with a 10 MB distro that could unzipeed in c:\linux to create an installation.

Neat thing.

Does it work if the file is in NTFS partition?

I was introduced to Linux in similar manner, around 94 Slackware used to come with a 10 MB distro that could unzipeed in c:\linux to create an installation.
umm. i installed it from xp on an ntfs partition. it works fine.

gnome mounts all the existing partition automatically. everything is accessible.

writing is not enabled. but automatrix would add that support for ya. i am yet to try it out. would hate it if it messes up my ntfs partitions. 😱

everything seems to be stored in files in the wubi folder. i dont see any random partitions created for linux... and i see no performance hit on this 4 year old machine. even beryl works fine!

and they say i can uninstall ubuntu like a windows application from XP like regular applications!
Can somebody please tell me one thing I can do using Linux that I can't do with Windows (other than not pay Microsoft) ? - I need an incentive to move my fat Win32 ass!
heh. i can tell u things u cant do in linux easily... gimp is no photoshop and none of the wysiwyg editors are as nice as dreamweaver. i also hate ooo compared to mso 07.

the good thing is the update and install mechanism. you dont hunt for software, they are all available ready to be installed. you dont have to look for updates as they get updated automatically using the inbuilt mechanism.

you get tons of flexibility. you can change your shell, the themes, everything. and you can use beryl which can give vista visual effects a run for their money.

personally i like the fact that i did not have to do much to get the basic things i needed. players, codecs, softwares like browser, word processer, torrent and file downloader and stuff like that.

i had to install no driver. everything worked fine out of the box. i did had to tinker with some settings to get beryl working with my nvidia card but the support forums are damn useful.

and i now have less fear of ending up with viruses or worms... 😛 i would add more as i get to learn more abt this SWITCH. 🙂

from the faqs:

Wubi adds an entry to the Windows boot menu which allows you to run Linux. Ubuntu is installed within a file in the windows file system (c:\wubi\disks\system.virtual.disk), this file is seen by Linux as a real hard disk.

No. This is a real installation, the only difference is that Ubuntu is installed within a file as opposed to being installed within its own partition. Thus we spare you the trouble to create a free partition for Ubuntu. And we spare you the trouble to have to burn a CD-Rom.

The performance is identical to a standard installation, except for hard-disk access which is slightly slower. If your hard disk is very fragmented the performance will degenerate.

(i guess defrag from windows would solve this hassle!)

You uninstall it as any other applications. In windows go to the control panel and select "Add or Remove Programs", then select Wubi and uninstall it. You can also use the uninstaller that you find in C:\wubi\uninstaller.exe.

Wubi - FAQ

some things that worry me

Since Wubi seems to keep the entire Linux thing in a single file... If that file gets corrupted. I am doomed i think!

But i have had couple of instances where i had to hard boot the system. nothing messed up.


How could I turn this mounted installation to a regular Linux installation. WOuld have to read on that.

I have turned on writing support for NTFS. moved some files to my regular folders. seems to have worked fine. not sure if my XP would boot up the next time 😉