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    What is your maximum Upload speed ?

    I'm using Bsnl broadband for around 5 years, the maximum download speed was increased from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps in this period but my upload speed is same maximum 509 Kbps, it has not increased. Now am in BBG 1199 plan, i request my Bsnl broadband AE to increase Upload rate to 1 Mpbs, he refuse to...
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    My Speed Is Capped on BSNL Broadband

    I Happen to have BSNL 499 Plan which gives 1mbps after FUP However This Month BSNL is giving unlimited FUP Promo "Happy Browsing".So after this Promo My Speed Should be around 2mbps download but my modem stats shows that i am capped at 1mbps downstream ? is this Okay ? also one thing is my...
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    Very Weak JIO Speed. Download speed less than Upload

    Hi Team, I Have been using Jio for a week now. From yesterday I have noticed that I am getting very weak speed. Also, the upload speed is more than the download speed (this is something I have never seen or heard) . Please advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Is anyone on upto 8mbps BSNL plan?

    Just wanted to know what is upload speed like on this upto 8mbps plan e.g on upto 4mbps plan it is like 90kbps
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    Upload Speed of Reliance Thunder Combo 1099 in TN

    I'm on the verge of getting Reliance connection in Chennai, and unfortunately there are only two ISP's in my locality and it's BSNL and Reliance, so i called up Reliance and asked for a new connection the Thunder Combo 1099 which is 4Mbps unlimited, but i mainly want to know whether the upload...
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    I am using Bsnl Broadband plan cs70 1091and i download torrents like u all! But i want to seed them also and was wondering what if it gets counted in FUP! please can someone clarify me?