What is your maximum Upload speed ?

I'm using Bsnl broadband for around 5 years, the maximum download speed was increased from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps in this period but my upload speed is same maximum 509 Kbps, it has not increased.

Now am in BBG 1199 plan, i request my Bsnl broadband AE to increase Upload rate to 1 Mpbs, he refuse to do that saying that maximum upload speed can't increase more than 509 Kpbs.


What is your bsnl plan ? What is your Upload speed ?

How maximum upload speed in bsnl broadband determined ?
Can somebody quote any Terms regards maximum upload speed in bsnl broadband?
my attainable upload rate was ~1000 kbps and actual was around 800 kbps until last month ! but the attainable has been capped at ~600 kbps w.e.f. 1st october for unknown reasons........
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well not asking for 2 or 3 mbps but surely we deserve 1 mbps at the very least and its doable but bsnl caps it to just 50 kb/s or around ....this is so frustrating.

If you want higher upload speeds go for VDSL/ FTTH !

I had a similar concern mentioned at Any VDSL Users? How is the upload speed in VDSL? .

I don't have FTTH, but can have VDSL. But, I don't find any information or word-of-mouth information on any increased upload speed on VDSL plans. Of course, there is a high upload plan (3899). My question is... are you sure that there would be an increased upload speed in VDSL?
I hope they at least upgrade upload speeds to 1368 kbps/1.2 mb/s next month which is easily doable on adsl.
I just dont understand why they cap it at 50 -60 kb/s ....this is crazy.
It depends on the technology BSNL uses too. ADSL can be implemented using different ADSL standards. Each has its own maximum upload speed. Ref: Asymmetric digital subscriber line - Wikipedia . I believe BSNL uses ADSL2+ ITU G.992.5 that has the maximum upload speed of 1.4mbps.

We have a different scenario for VDSL that uses the same copper wire but can support the upload speed of 100mbps. Users like me wouldn't mind spending a little more for VDSL. But, 3899 is crazy high considering, post-FUP usage is chargeable!!!
When I had DSL, my upload was always capped at 256 kbps no matter the line rate which was abysmal. Now when I switched over to FTTH, initially they offered same download/upload rate. 60 Mbps down/ 60 Mbps up. Now they have capped it to 10 Mbps upload.