14 Terabytes Per Second !

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The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation has set a new data transfer record using fiber optics, topping out the old record by 4 Terabytes per second.

The speed was achieved over a 100-mile-long fiber optic cable, improving upon the previous 10 terabyte per second record by almost half. At 14 terabytes per second the transfer rate would be the equivalent of downloading approximately 3000 DVD-quality movies in a single second. 😱

Cool !!!! 😛
where the **** do they get that fast drives to write data .. 😱
QUOTE(power @ Oct 30 2006, 09:40 PM) [snapback]67243[/snapback]
where the **** do they get that fast drives to write data .. 😱
my question exactly?????? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
Easy,1. Create a directory c:\mydownloads2. Make it a symbolic linc to NUL (windows equivalent of /dev/null)Now you can write as fast as your CPU can compute 😉 😉 😉

For that kind of pc they might be using a super computer! No doubt as Japan is expert in these things!
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give me 0.1 % of that i am still happy 😛