2 Connections, Same House

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Hello all,So I have two connections with two different plans and each having a different phone number with it. First connection: connection: problem is that, switching between them from any computer is fine, but only the first one will load the DSL router page ( and only the first one will load the smart bytes page and the page to check how much data one has used.What is the best way to setup two connections in one house? I have the airtel beetel modem connected to the main hub upstairs and then an Asus router connected downstairs for wireless.Thanks,Crazysah
Not sure what you're trying to achieve. Do you want to combine both into one?
Well, I want to make it so that both connections can access the router page and the page with data usage/smartbytes and easily be able to switch between both connections. Also, I am planning to buy a cheap router to replace the beetel modem.
If you are trying to have a internet connection upstairs and downstairs, you can do it with a single internet connection - you seem to have the wiring already in place via hub/router. But, assuming you have some other reason to keep 2 connections and they are both connected to each other via hub/router, try changing the internal LAN ip of one of the airtel routers to The DSL page of that router will then be You might have to switch off/unplug the other router while you try and make this change
We want to keep 2 connections as upstairs is an office. And what do you mean change the router configurations? How do I change the internal lan configuration?Also, I'm switching the Airtel router to something else.
Try the following. These are steps for my Binatone ADSL router....should be similar for others
1. Disconnect your airtel or other brand ADSL router from all other devices except your computer (connected via ethernet cable).
2. Load on your computer
3. Find your router local IP settings. For me it is under Interface Setup/LAN
4. Change the router LAN IP from to
5. Save and apply settings
6. Unplug and replug ethernet cable on your computer
7. Check network settings on your computer. You should now have an ip address of the form 192.168.2.x
8. Load this DSL router page by loading When connected to your other ADSL router, you would be loading
9. Reconnect your hub/wireless router. If your wireless router is connected to the ADSL router, then you would I think need to do the following as well
a. Connect your computer to the Wireless router alone via ethernet cable
b. Load the wireless router config page (uusally
c. Find interface setup as similar to the ADSL router
d. Disable DHCP. Apply/Save settings
e. Reconnect the router to your ADSL router
Edit: I'm not sure how having 2 DHCP servers active in both the ADSL routers will work. You might have to disable one. If you do that, then to use that connection, you would have to manually plug in the gateway value in your IP setting on computer.