2 Mbps On Mtnl

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Add me! 🙁
Heh. Don't worry. If it's going to really happen it's going to happen for everyone sooner or later. If it's not even we will lose it 😛
MTNL Delhi and Mumbai sites are announcing on the home page about all broadband users getting 2 mbps as new year's gift except unlimited plan customers. It's confirmed now.

yeah, they announced "except unlimited" but here "unlimited" is also getting 😀
Oh and they announced on their site "upto 2 mbps" which means we can also get much less 🙁 Got to confirm from them what's the minimum they will give on "upto 2 mbps".
yes, the speeds will be anywhere between 256 kbps and 2 mbps...it's not 2 mbps constant...like my average speed is around 512 kbps...but i'm happy as far as downloads are concerned, but browsing has become slower 🤔
But on mumbai site they have clearly stated 2mbps(by mistake or what?) so clearly Qos rules of Trai for 80% bandwidth will apply!!
hmm i stay maxed out all the time at around 216 Kbps or there abouts. No uploading required as i use newsgroups
my average is around 512 kbps only...haven't really exp more than that...may be coz i'm using torrents... 🤔