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YOU broadband (formerly Iqara) has matched BSNL's offer of 2 Mbps but...........yeah you guessed it right,it has data limit caps & also they use the word "UPTO", but atleast someone has spoken out like BSNL of looking beyond 512 kbps, hope others will come up soon. Anyone interested , here is the link

This is worse than BSNL's offering , bsnl atleast does have 6 hours of unlimited use. None of the plan YOU has night unlimiteed scheme
QUOTE(cyrux @ Jan 15 2007, 08:27 PM) [snapback]75295[/snapback]
This is worse than BSNL's offering , bsnl atleast does have 6 hours of unlimited use. None of the plan YOU has night unlimiteed scheme[/b]

Hmm....I definitely feel BSNL is better, but just wanted to give an fyi on other options available for who may feel otherwise. By the way, BSNL does not have 6 hours night unlimited on its 250 plan.
definetly dont go youtele
my normal usage was 700 mbs in mtnl
i saw add of youtele 250 for 1gb
i was attracted by the offer but my first bill came up 1000rs
250+81 modem+500 extra mb usage +12.36%
according to them i used 1650 mb thts not possible
speed also bakvas when i download 15-20kbps
whn i compained them they said its multiple window speed chk out downloading diff things together u ll get same speed which of no use to me
thn i said thm to disconnect my connection wo payin bill they started giv me offers dnt pay bill its ok 500 192 kbps unlimitedetc
no doubt i disconnecyed wth them
heyy u know when i first took YOU last april i subscribed to 3 months of 256 kb spd and 1.2 gb limit at 781 rs... after 2 and half mnth dey told i have exceeded my usag nd d overdue was 1500 RS.(dat was cheating).. i disconnected nd didnt pay them a pie...after 2 mnths they approached me wid a plan where i could pay for 2 mnths of subscription nd wud get an extra 4 mnth of d same plan free.so i took the 700 RS plan where i paid 1471 for 2 mnths and will get acess to the same plan for 6 mnths.. DAT MEANSI PAID-1471/DOWNLOAD LT-4GB(EVERY MNTH FOR 6MNTHS)/2MBPS PLAN:thumbsup:
i dont think u ll be gettin 2mbps speedthey say multiple windowbut just tell me if ur 6 months r over or nt so i may try for tht plan thank u

There prepaid plans makes good sense. speeds are decent overall. for thier post paid plans,only try if you are a regular user with fixed mb downloads per month. atlest you get prompt serviceand downtimes and technical issues get reimbursed as extra usage or days as per TRAI guidelines.!!
4 vaibhav......ya...i am still under that 6mnth period which will end in april:thumbsup:
damn this is also crap, just like all our other ISP's.first our broadband ISP's got to stop putting a limit on downloads and uploads. guess we should just tell Indian broadband is still in the stoneage. All i can say is Indian broadband ISP's suck big time